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hey say good neighbors are hard to find. But in our neighborhoods, we want to make sure that's just not true. In order to keep the standards that make your subdivision a place we can all be proud of, there are certain rules and regulations in which all residents need to adhere. Please be aware of the following.

Rules and Regulations of Cherry Hill, Summerwood, & Southwind Subdivisions
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General Common Facilities

1. Except where the content indicates otherwise, all references to “Owners” shall be deemed to refer to the family, guests, residents, invitee, tenants, agents, and employees of such Owners. 
2. It is the obligation of each Owner to make his tenants, guests, family, invitees, agents, employees, and sub-contractors aware of all rules and regulations and of all provisions of Association Documents. 
3. Use of any facilities of the property will be done in such a manner as to respect the rights and privileges of other owners. 
4. Any damage to the common facilities or to the common property caused by the Owner, guests, children, invitee, tenants, agents, employees, sub-contractors or pets of an Owner shall be repaired at the expense of that Owner. 

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Enjoyment of Property

Owners shall exercise reasonable care to avoid making or permitting to be made loud, disturbing, or objectionable noises. Owners shall avoid using or playing or permitting to be used or played musical instruments, radios, phonographs, television sets, amplifiers, and other instruments or devices in such a manner as may be a nuisance to occupants of other homes. 

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1. All homeowners and guests are to park only in the garages and driveways of the respective homes. 
2. No parking in the streets is permitted. The only exception shall be vehicles of construction workers during construction period, or large family functions or gatherings. But, no vehicle shall be allowed to remain parked on the street overnight. 
3. No trailer, camper, mobile home, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle, truck (other than a ¾ ton size or smaller pickup or van), inoperable vehicle of any kind, boat, or similar equipment or vehicle shall be permitted to remain upon any area within the property, except in a closed garage appurtenant to that home. 
4. A vehicle is deemed inoperable if it has a flat tire or tires, has an expired inspection sticker or license tags, or has no license tags or inspection sticker at all. Vehicles deemed inoperable will be towed at owner's expense. 
5. Commercial vehicles are defined as any vehicle larger than a ¾ ton size passenger pickup or van (examples include but are not limited to dump trucks or other heavy equipment), vehicles that carry or are mounted with equipment used in a profession or for employment (examples include but are not limited to ladder trucks, tow trucks, etc.), and vehicles used primarily in the transportation of passengers for commercial purposes (examples include but are not limited to minibuses, limousines, taxis, etc.). 

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1. No pet shall be permitted to run loose at any time, to be tied to any portion of the common elements at any time, nor to be left unattended or unsupervised outside of the rear yard in which it is housed. 
2. No pet shall be permitted in the green areas or the nature preserve except on a leash. 
3. All dogs, cats, and similar pets shall not be kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purposes. 
4. No household shall be permitted to have more than two outdoor animals, which is a combination of dogs or cats, per household. Puppies and/or kittens are not included in the number until they are weaned. 

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1. Residents shall place trash outside in the designated area in tied plastic bags or in sealed containers. Trash containers are to be removed from the front yards on the same day as trash removal. 
2. The speed limit in Highland Ranch is 25 miles per hour. 
3. No unlicensed or licensed motorized bicycles or tricycles or motorcycles (except licensed street motorcycles) ATV's, go-carts, etc. shall be operated on any street, common area, rights-of-way, or any unimproved areas within the boundaries of Highland Ranch. 
4. No licensed vehicles shall be operated upon any streets, common areas, rights-of-way, or any unimproved areas within the boundaries of Highland Ranch by any person other that someone who has a valid driver's license. 
5. No trash, garbage, and other refuse may be thrown, dumped, or burned on any vacant lot or other area except for new construction. 
6. No signs of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any single family residential lot except as expressly permitted by the Covenants and Conditions for Summerwood and Cherry Hill Homes Associations. 
7. Due to the fire hazard, fireworks of any kind are prohibited in Highland Ranch and those areas not yet developed. 
8. Garage doors should be kept closed at all times when not in use. 

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Fines will be levied and collected against all owners for violations of the provisions of the Restrictive Covenants. When a violation occurs, the owner will receive a letter requesting correction within ten (10) days. If not corrected, the violation will prompt the owner's receiving a second letter with a five-day notice. If no action has been taken by the sixteenth (16th ) day, a $20.00 per day, per violation fine will be automatically added to the owner's assessment account. Repeated violations of the same or similar offenses will be treated as follows:  After the first offense, a warning letter will be sent to the owner, after the second offense, a warning letter will be sent to the owner. Upon the third offense, the owner will be fined $50.00 per day per offense and $50.00 for each offense thereafter. Fines are special assessments and shall be collected as such according to the Declaration and Bylaws. If a renter is the violator the Owner will receive all notices and fines, as the Owner is responsible for all actions of his/her renter.  

The foregoing Rules and Regulations are subject to amendment and to the promulgation of further Rules and Regulations by the Board and in addition to all provisions of the Declarations and Bylaws of the Summerwood and Cherry Hill Homes Associations.

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Cherry Hill Lake and Nature Preserve Rules and Regulations 

The Board of Directors will create the position of Lake and Preserve Manager who will supervise the rules and regulations of Cherry Hill Lake and Preserve.   

I. General Regulations

A. Uses: All areas of the Preserve in Cherry Hill Subdivision are for the exclusive use of the homeowners and their accompanied guests.
B. Nuisances: No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Preserve Area, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. No unsightly condition shall be created on any Preserve Area or permitted to remain thereon.
C. Garbage and Trash Disposal: No garbage or trash shall be left on any Preserve Area.
D. Designated Use Areas: Anyone is the preserve must adhere to designated trails and use areas.
E. Firearms: No firearm, paintball gun, or any other device including fireworks may be discharged.
F. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the preserve.
G. No pets are permitted in the preserve.

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II. Lake and Pier Regulations

A. Assumption of Risk: No lifeguard or supervisory personnel shall be on duty. All activities on or near the water or pier shall be entered into at one's own risk.
B. Swimming: No swimming or diving shall be permitted.
C. Boating: No boating activity is permitted except for the care and maintenance of the lake.
D. Fishing: Fishing with hand-held equipment (cane pole, rod and reel, etc.) shall be permitted. No unattended equipment (set hooks, trotlines, etc.) shall be allowed. Fishing shall be on a catch and release basis for bass. You may keep a total combination of 6 fish for all other species.
E. Stocking: Stocking of the lake shall be accomplished by the Board of Directors. The release of any fish, reptile or animal not authorized by the Board is prohibited.
F. Dumping: No dumping of any kind is permitted.
G. Pumping: No withdrawal of water is permitted.

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